Hi Stunts Racers!

Hello and be welcomed to the Stunts competition site!

Do you like vintage racing? Do you want to know how it felt like racing and contesting 10 years ago back in time, when contests and races were called "competition" and when  there was no automatic update service or anything like this? Then you are perfectly right at our


The whole competition consists of five contest tracks following each other throughout the year and to be raced within six weeks. Just download the competition track here, take your Stunts 1.0, Stunts 1.1 or 4D Sports Driving 1.1, choose the car you like best and then *R*A*C*E*!!!

Deadline: Thursday, 19th July 2007, 12:00 pm German time

Please save your replay (it must be valid; e.g. you must get to the Stunts scoreboard with a valid time) and send it to us. We'll check our e-mails and update the scoreboard as soon as we watched and validated the replays.

Are there any rules? Yes, there are, check out here. Now stop reading, download the track and


CU all then at our scoreboard! Yours sincerely, JTK


This award was given to:
Bonzai Joe,
winner of season 2006.

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This award was given to:
Akoss Poo,
winner of season 2003.

This award was given to:
Mark Nailwood,
winner of season 2000.

This award was given to:
Mark Nailwood,
winner of season 1999.

This award was given to:
Death Man,
winner of season 1998.

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