Now - which version of Stunts/4D SportsDriving is fastest?
Here are the results of a small experiment, where all versions WE have (BB1.0, BB 1.1, MS 1.1) were tested for speed results.

All test drives had this in common:

- cars were pushed to fastest speed possible,
- options were put to highest speed possible,
- JTK drove all tracks as fast as possible,
- all tracks were raced on the same machine: AMD K5 100MHz (set to 133MHz), 64Mb RAM, Win '98, input device was JTK's crappy
  cheapest keyboard.


And those were the tracks:

Test 1: Straight forward smashing into a house


Test2: Small circle


Test 3: Big circle


Test 4 : Straight forward with jumps


Test 5: Hard racing on ctrack06... Point for shifting into next gear (manual)


Track 1 to 3 were raced for speed matters, in Test 3 and 4 we wanted to know the point of reaching overdrive ("6th gear"), Test 5 was raced (only with manual transmission) to test the versions at contest performance.

And here are the results, fastest and slowest ones are marked (all times in minutes):


      crash at: elapsed time: elapsed time: 6th gear at: 6th gear at: elapsed time:
BB 1.0 Indy auto 0.27.55 0.16.40 1.24.85 1.22 - -
BB 1.0 Indy manual 0.26.30 0.16.15 1.20.20 1.01 0.20 1.40.75
BB 1.0 Ccar 0.9 auto 0.25.75 0.15.90 1.17.95 0.49 - -
BB 1.0 Ccar 0.9 manual 0.25.75 0.16.00 1.17.95 0.49 0.16 1.40.45

BB 1.1 Indy auto 0.25.95 0.15.95 1.17.45 0.42 0.15 -
BB 1.1 Indy manual 0.26.15 0.16.05 1.20.15 1.01 0.11 1.38.50

MS 1.1 Indy auto 0.25.95 0.16.05 1.17.55 0.44 0.15 -
MS 1.1 Indy manual 0.26.20 0.15.95 1.20.00 1.01 0.11 1.39.55




As a main error factor - specially at test5.trk - the testdrivers driving skills deal with the results. Nevertheless one can interprete out of these, that the Ccar 0.9 is the fastest accelerating car, meanwhile BB 1.1's Indy has the better overdriving capabilities, it is much faster in "6th gear".

But why does the slowest car, BB 1.0's Indy reach such a good time in Test 5? Well, it did not overdrive that much as the others which was its advantage here, because there was no long road to speed away. The other cars simply jumped higher, that too may cost time! Only the BB 1.1 Indy is variable enough to win anyway.

In JTK's personal opinion BB 1.1 has the best Indy with the best handling. BB 1.0 and the Ccar 0.9 are fastest on long racing tracks with not so many stunts and jumps.



1st place:
(+) fast car,(+) handling

BB 1.1
Porsche/March Indy

2nd place:
(+) fast car
BB 1.0
Competition car 0.9
3rd place:
MS 1.1
Porsche/March Indy
4th place:
(-) too slow
BB 1.0
Porsche/March Indy


We recommend the BB 1.0 Ccar 0.9 at or the BB1.1 Indy for our contest!


You may download the test tracks and the test races (replays) as a whole archive by clicking here.

If you want to download your preferred Stunts! version now, just click here.