Here once was a vast list of more than 75 Stunts links and banners, but there are far more. It is almost impossible tocheck and update this list, so there are only the most important links placed here, from where you will reach almost every page in the web which is known to the Stunts community.


          The Stunts Racing Portal


All your wishes should come true here. You will find all known active contests, all the inactive contests but active sites, links to the community and more.
          The Stunts Forum Meet the wildly alive community. Almost each question you have will be answered here, all secrets of the Stunts universe will be revealed here.
          The Stunts Wiki All you need to know is to be found here, at the Stunts Wiki.

We specially like to recommend the site of Zak McKracken, who is the one keeping the community alive. He also is the host of the best known and now longest Stunts contest, so do not miss his site:

Klick to jump to ZakStunts!



One very old site had to go offline but we could save it: The pages of legendary Lukas Loehrer, aka "Luke". Not everything is working anymore and the contest got lost, but there's a lot of information and nice tools to be found:

Klick to jump to Lukas Loehrer's anciant Stunts pages!


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