We're heading stunts!

Here to find - the competition tracks:

Now running contest track

2006 contest tracks

2003 contest tracks

2001 contest tracks

2000 contest tracks

1999 contest tracks

1998 contest tracks

Downloadable tracks made by JTK, try to beat them:  

KING (not very difficult)
KILLER (try this jump on BB1.0)
FAST2 (easy goin')
CLEANER (watch your jumpings)
HELL 1-5 (medium - very hard)
FUNHILLS (even more YEEHAW!)
SCHPASS (go for it and have fun)
HIRNRISS (one for the weird hardliners)

Download the original "JTK's tracks pack" with 35 cool tracks (26Kb).



Download the original Stunts! tracks  (25.8 KB).

Other cool tracks:

  • BRIDGOUT this is really hardcore but fun!
    VALHALLA one of KHR's favourite, very fast
    TACOBELL tricky one

  • Special tracks:

    JTK's delight is to crash through cheat car tracks - which are designed for the cheat Corvette ZX 1 for example - with the normal Indy. Big fun!!

  • $1_25 I think I got this track from the Stunts Worship Temple, and I made it with the Indy! Replays for BB 1.1 (yesss) & MS 1.1 (not so good...) included.
    1-MEL Cool track from the same site and I made it again! Replays for BB 1.1 (quite ok) & MS 1.1 (really bad...) included.
    BURP The one I always crash! But there must be a way. Replay until crash for BB 1.1 (...) included.

    July 2000: But one man made it - see Chris Valleriani race BURP and win it. Download the zipped replay for BB 1.1 here.


    C R A S H !


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