Here they come together, all our competition's fame and fearless racers. Take a look, have a drink and a good time.

Have a break at the Racer's Café...Picture by Death Man

If you are a racer of our contest and still not on this page, simply send us your photo and we will place it here.     :-)

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Sorry, this pic is broken - we try to get another one... seems broken, doesn't it...?

AbuRaf70 Argentina    
Akoss Poo Hungary Akoss Poo Klick on the picture to see it bigger!
Alan Rotoi Argentina Alan Rotoi  
Alv Finland    
Arishthrottle England Arishthrottle  
Argammon Germany    
Artman Canada    
Bartosz Poland    
Ben Snel Netherlands Ben Snel  
Black Massacre Australia    
Blue Blazer Canada Blue Blazer  
Bomberman 21 Netherlands    
Bonzai Joe Denmark

Bonzai Joe

Boussini Belgium    
Boutsen Belgium    
Brain Spain    
Capn_Ace Canada    
Cbi4[72AS] Russia    
CAP Spain CAP  
Captain Tuttle Sweden    
Charles Malaysia Charles  
Chulk Argentina    
Con16 UK    
CUDGE Australia    
CTG Hungary CTG  
Darth Vedder Netherlands    
Death Lock Canada    
Death Man Canada  
Death Racer Finland    
Deniska 2001 Denmark    
DH 500 Brazil    
Duggie USA    
Duplode Brazil Duplode  
DTM Denmark    
Fdzierva Brazil  
Ferway Argentina    
Flaute Germany    
Frosch Australia    
Freddy Netherlands    
Ghnuni Italy    
Gorka Spain    
Groovedigga Germany    
Gutix Argentina Gutix  
Heino The Boy Netherlands    
Holly Tafelrunde Germany    
HotShot Norway    
HonzaX Czech Republik    
Horst Paul (aka JTK) Germany    
ICEman von CB Czech Republic    
Il Professore France Il Professore  
IMG Germany  >  >
Inavoeg Brazil Inavoeg aka Geovani
JackTheRipper Germany    
Janez Argentina    
Joe Canuck ?    
Johny Germany    
Jonz Germany    
Juanchito ?    
JTK Germany JTK I was first and won the Rough Ride by Widde in 1999!!!
Juethy Germany    
kArXiX (formerly known as Roy Forever) Lebanon  
KHR Germany KHR 3rd on ct1 at Charles' contest... 2nd on ct2 at Charles' contest...
Kick Bulgaria    
Kissa[72AS] Russia Kissa[72AS]  
Koen Temink Netherlands    
Krys TOFF France    
Leo Ramone Brazil Leo Ramone  
Linus Sweden    
Luke Switzerland    
Lukey07 Australia Lukey07  
ManOnMoon Denmark    
Mark L. Rivers Italy    
Mark Nailwood Austria Mark Nailwood
Marool Cool
(aka KHR)
Matija Yugoslavia    
Matti D Australia Matty D  
Michi Germany    
Mislav Croatia    
MpK Germany    
Mron Germany    
Mft (later known as Zak McKracken) Hungary    
MSc Germany    
Mushi Portugal    
MusicLover El Salvador MusicLover  
Nathan Canada    
Navras Hungary    
Neil McRae Canada    
NightRider Brazil    
Northern Comfort Finland    
Odin Netherlands    
pArAnO Canada    
Pedro Brazil    
Q UK    
RAB Scotland    
Rad Canada    
Red Baron Sweden    
Renato Biker Brazil Renato Biker  
Robert Germany    
Rosberg Iceland Rosberg  
Selahi Turkey Selahi
Satanziege Germany    
Shane M. Canada    
scultey scultez Germany    
SMFF_of_TS Israel    
Sneller dan Ben Netherlands    
Stanley Czech Republic    
Stardust Germany Stardust  
Sunday Violence Netherlands    
SuperBrian Denmark SuperBrian  
Sylvain Chabert France    
T3omi Germany T3omi  
Tackleberry Netherlands    
Tha Green Bomb Netherlands    
The Grinch ? The Grinch  
Thom 99 Argentina Thom 99  
Trankell Sweden Trankell  
TrX Hungary    
Tsino Colombia  
Tom Israels Finland    
Usrin Hungary (or Brazil ? ;-) )    
v2rainne France    
Version6.9 Canada    
Viktor Slovakia Viktor  
Viole Ecuador    
warcher_44 Netherlands    
Widde Sweden Widde
XDude_NL Netherlands    
Zak McKracken Hungary Zak McKracken

OK, ready again for a race...?

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