All about Stunts!


Stunts is a racing game which was published around 1990 by Broderbund (Stunts! version 1.0 and 1.1) and Mindscape (4D Sports Driving, version 1.1). All versions are freeware now as we got the information directly from Broderbund and Mindscape. You may download Stunts! and 4 D Sports Driving from this site. The files are about 1 MB, so give this stunning game a try - you won't regret it, or will you, because you can't stop playing Stunts! after you started once? Believe me, there are many of those...

here you'll find all information you'll need. Start Stunts! driving!!!  

 Here you can see an official short description of the game: Read 1st page here, read 2nd page here.

The Game:

So what's this game all about? Stunts is a racing game where you drive against a computer made opponent or exercise your skills against the clock. From the starting point there are many jumps and stunts possible to be beaten so you are on your way to acheive the best time ever. If you don't want to race against the clock you can choose between several opponents with their own characters and know-how. 


The menu

Select your opponent

Give them and yourself one of the cars at the showroom, each one with it's own driving capabilities. You may also choose between automatic and manual transmission. Then select a track and  *r*a*c*e*! But be sure, it is not allways easy to do - your car may crash at some points, you may oversteer and skid and sometimes the tracks are built to let you try and try and try (like
these tracks).


Select your car

Select your track

Stunts offers a replay function which allows you to review your or your opponent's driving, filmed whether out of your cockpit, or by a helicopter, by a track-installed camera or by custom perspective.
Most important of all: Stunts contains a track editor, which allows you to build your own tracks! It is easy to handle and works out fine, but there is one not documented feature: by pressing < shift > and simultaniously < F1 > you can also edit the terrain.



The track editor


Driving Stunts is very easy. You may use the mouse (not recommended), a joystick or keyboard as the input device to steer your car. Most people drive with keyboard, using <a> and <z> (on German keyboards <a> and <y> instead) for manual transmission. While driving you can change your view with the key <c>. You can even change into your opponent's cockpit by pressing the key <t>.
So far so good, now exercise. But we'll give you some hints how to be fast and good.


The looping

The pipe

Be carefull when sliding! If you hear your wheels howling stop steering immediatly and you can go on. Otherwise you will turn around and around and may crash! Also muddy road and ice road should be driven carefully.

The slalom road piece (with the two stones blocking the way) can be done at high speed when you drive EXACTLY in the middle of the road.
The pipe is easy to go - just be careful at the entrance and the end of the pipe, you may crash easily when steering to hard.
The corcscrew (right/left) can be shot through staying slightly at the right side and landing back on the track. With a little exercising this is easy to do and saves time.


The corkscrew (right/left)

The corkscrew (up/down)

The Porsche/March Indy:

This car is the fastest and mostly driven car of the game. It offers fast acceleration, a good grip on the road and cool handling. There is one thing very special about this car...maybe a bug in the game? Anyway, it is welcome and great! In fifth gear driving with more than 8000 rpm the car may (especially while jumping) go to fastest speed (245mph) and keep this speed on every piece of track and even the green (not on water, of course) as long as you keep on pressing the forward button. Suddenly you really shoot through the track and kill all former highscores. Certainly steering is not easy in this "6th gear" mode but it's big fun.....yeeeeeeeeesss, that's what a Stunts! racer needs!!! :-)))))
...err...pardon...what was I talking about? Aaaaah, yes, the Indy. Great car. Use it. That's Stunts!

Stunts or 4D Sports Driving?

What a question...well, there are differences between the Broderbund and the Mindscape versions. All tracks can be driven on both versions, but with 4D Sports Driving you may drive on top of the tunnels and the pipe, using Stunts you'll fall through the ceiling. The 1.1 Indy con accelerate and brake while jumping as well, the 1.0 is more 'real' here. Also the Indy from Mindscape is a little bit faster than the Indy from Broderbund, that is why we recommend to use Lukas Loehrer's Competition Car 0.9 for Stunts! version 1.0, which is an additional car to the others. This car is as fast as the 4D Indy. If you download Stunts! from here, the Competition Car is already added. At the scoreboard of our competition you will see, that both versions are used and all competitors drive the Competition Car or the Indy with different transmission.
For more Information about the differences between the two versions
click here.

New in the race is Stunts! version 1.1 by Broderbund brought to our competition by Duggie. In JTK's opinion, this version has the best Indycar, but every version has it's own advantages. The bad thing in BB 1.1 is, that you can't jump through tunnels in high speed, when driving upon a hill, you'll smash while crashing through the ceiling...the other versions don't. But this BB1.1 Indy's handling...a dream!


last update: 13.06.07