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11/06/2007: Lukas Loehrer's (aka "Luke") site was meant to disappear from the web. I saved everything here and so it's still to be visited at http://www.kalpen.de/luke.


06/06/2007: And the second contest track is available at the Vintage Stunts Racing Competition!


29/04/2007: Whow - the new season of the Vintage Stunts Racing Competition season 2007 is starting quite fast with two new racers and great times!


15/04/2007: Start to race the Vintage Stunts Racing Competition season 2007 now!


05/02/2007: The winners of the Vintage Racing Contest 2006 are announced: Congratulations to Bonzai Joe, Mislav and Zak McKracken!
Also see an overall  list of the whole Kalpen competition at the Hall Of Fame.


06/12/2006: The fifth contest track is out!


26/08/2006: Take a look at the picture of the third World Stunts Meeting 2006 in Budapest, Hungary.

Also you may download Stunts midi files at our special stuff section.


18/08/2006: The fourth contest track is out!


04/06/2006: The Hall of Fame 2006 was recalculated because of a mistake in the ctr2006b results.


25/05/2006: The third contest track is running, download it and *r*a*c*e* !


16/03/2006: The second contest track is out, to be found at the competition site.


08/01/2006:  Start of season 2006 of the contest! :)


28/12/2005:  The whole Site is refreshed, updated and newly released. Which does not mean, that a new contest is in sight. *sigh*


15/11/2003:  All winners of the contest season 2003, e.g. Akoss Poo, Tsino and Zak received their awards. Take a look at them at the Racer's Café.


31/07/2003: The contest is near! The new track is created and ready for download... we await your *R*A*C*E*S* at the competition!


13/06/2003: Sensational! We have the original game! We bet at Ebay's and now you may download the real original game from our side: Broderbund's STUNTS 1.1!


08/03/2003: Here we go again. All pages are updated, the contest section is altered to a contest archive, the link list is reviewed.


16/08/2002: We are so sad that this year absolutely NOTHING happened at all - except answering e-mails and the guestbook.



How could this happen? Our contest seems to die due to a huge lack of time... We are very sad, too and you are very right shouting at us... :(ck of time... :-(
16/08/2001: We are very sorry, but somehow our WAP pages access disappeared, so we cannot update those sites and especially the scoreboard there. And the provider does not answer to our mails... :( That's the way our WAP projekt died.
05/08/2001: The last contest track is out!
16/04/2001: New service: KHR's and JTK's World of Stunts Driving goes for WAP. If you have a mobile phone supporting WAP then just go to http://stunts.wapmatic.de to see the current scores and more! No more fear at the hotel bar! Now you will know, when the time has come to cancel your holidays, when lying at the pool reading the scores from our contest with your cellular phone (at, remember, http://stunts.wapmatic.de) finding out, that someone beat your time... http://stunts.wapmatic.de :)
01/04/2001: Due to the long offline phase at the end of March ctrack29 is the current track until 15th of April! Ctrack30 will be sent out as current track from 16th April until the end of May, and then we are back in monthly track racing.
01/03/2001: SENSATIONAL!!! A friend made the "Stunts-at-kalpen.de"-Remix! Hear the mp3 at the specials section.
07/01/2001: All sites are updated, reviewed and slighly redesigned.


11/06/2000: It took a long time - two months we were offline, because our provider f***ed off. But now we're online again and the contest goes on! Thanks for your believe in us! Here we race again!!


01/09/99: You may now download the old games Stunts Driver and Stunts Car Racer from our specials site.
01/07/99: We open our Racer's Café at the contest.
01/06/99: A new test was made to see which version's Porsche/March Indy is best.
01/06/99: The competition section has a new design.
01/06/99: We moved to a new location, please bookmark http://www.kalpen.de/stunts/! Also JTK and KHR have new email adresses; the old ones still work anyway.
11/03/99: We have a guestbook now! Please sign it, thanks a lot! :-)
03/03/99: Yes, KHR's sites are ready. You have now two possibilities to enter KHR's and JTK's World of Stunts Driving: via fortunecity or xoom.
10/02/99: There's a site about KHR & JTK.
28/01/99: We get another award.
14/01/99: You may now download Stunts! version Broderbund 1.1.


26/11/98: We get our first award!
15/11/98: The sites are redesigned with frames.
01/11/98: There's a new site with informations all around the game Stunts!
05/10/98: You may now dowload Stunts! and 4D Sports Driving directly from this site!
01/10/98: The links to other Stunts! site are commented now.
01/10/98: A new contest track is out! The times for the current track will be issued from now on.
01/10/98: We need more space in the web, so some sites move to xoom.com.
03/09/98: The news site goes online.
02/09/98: The "specials" site goes online.
01/08/98: The pages are updated with screenshots (as .gifs) and more tracks.
17/07/98: The first competitor enters our contest.
around 15/07/98: Stunts! by KHR starts the competition with the first track.
somewhen in June '98: Stunts! by KHR goes online from betaweb.net and enters the Stunts! ring.